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Government of Ireland: Un-redacting the redacted


Menopause affects over half a million women in Ireland at any one time, which is really a lot, but no one is talking about it. And as if it’s not tough enough going through menopause, women are left to suffer alone and unsupported.

We wanted to open up the conversation and let these women know that they are not alone in their symptoms. We did it by highlighting just how wrong the taboo and secrecy of it all is.

The Department of Health is continuing to encourage open conversation and increased awareness of menopause with Phase Two of the campaign which includes a television advertisement alongside national and local radio, newspapers and magazines, out-of-home advertising, digital display and targeted social media posts.

It is complemented by, a one-stop shop for information about menopause and menopause symptoms, advice on proactive management and links to appropriate clinical expertise. There has been significant investment in menopause services, with five of six specialist menopause clinics – one in each maternity network – currently operational and the sixth clinic anticipated to open shortly.

National coverage resulted in increased funding allowing for new services in women’s healthcare. Consider the conversation opened, now let’s not close it again please.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly:

“One of my main priorities as Health Minister has been to improve access to healthcare for women in Ireland and to ensure their needs for services across all life stages are met.
In the last year we’ve delivered significant improvement and expansion in services, including specialist menopause clinics. However, it’s important that as well as providing services, we also empower women in their experience of perimenopause and menopause, and this campaign is a vital part of that.”